Plasterer in Bakewell | Four Ways to Bring Your Cottage into the Modern Day With Home Refurbishments

When you imagine a cottage, you likely think of big fireplaces, timber beams and roofing of an old style. For homeowners around Bakewell, this is often the reality thanks to old-stone features and other traditional materials. M J Bassett Ltd works as a plasterer, damp proofing specialist and building contractor within the local area, bringing affordable home extensions and creative home refurbishments to life. We maintain the style of your existing property, whether it’s a small cottage, terraced home or semi-detached build in need of expert care.

Read on for some relatively easy ways to bring your cottage or rural property into the modern day in a manner that best reflects its unique charm and enhances your lifestyle.

Play to Your Property’s Strengths

Older homes may have exposed beams that run along the ceiling. Rather than covering these up or trying to remove them, consider how best to use them during your home refurbishments. Most people find wooden beams of visual interest, but if you still find they appear to lower the ceiling, you could paint them a brighter colour for the illusion of more space. This is an excellent way of blending old-world charm with a more contemporary aesthetic.

Focus On the Kitchen

Why not remodel your kitchen in a traditional shaker style? Remember, modernising doesn’t have to mean sleek whites and chrome finishes all the time. Instead, refurbishments and renovations are more about fitting quality materials and using the space effectively. If your kitchen around Bakewell lacks the space you need, our building contractors will be thrilled to discuss the feasibility of home extensions. Our plasterers can even use traditional lime to suit your timeless build.

If you spot a damp patch in the kitchen, don’t wait for it to get worse. We can provide damp proofing treatments as a way to protect your home in the coming years.

Don’t Forget the Doors and Windows

A whopping 25 per cent of the heat generated will escape through the roof, but windows and doors account for a large amount too. Unlike roofing, however, these installations also keep you safe from thieves and other intruders. Modern doors come with durable locks, and as you will find with A-rated windows, they help retain warm air for a more comfortable home. We frequently install new windows as part of local home refurbishments and can add a touch of class to new home extensions in the Bakewell area.

As reliable plasterers, we can also render the outside of your home, apply plasterboard with insulation inside the cavity and perform damp proofing for a dry living space.

Bold Colours and a Vintage Style

New bathrooms and kitchens can grant a new lease of life to your property. By leaning into the vintage style, you take ownership of what was once outdated – a common trend that designers now recommend. Try looking for distressed furniture that complements the country vibe of your rooms, and blend airy whites with natural greens or darker shades for an inspired look.

Serving Bakewell and the nearby areas, we work as a building contractor, plasterer, maintenance team and cost-effective home renovator. M J Bassett Ltd applies decades of experience to home refurbishments and home extensions alike, with damp proofing services that prevent rolling costs due to structural problems.

Call Bakewell’s trusted building contractors, decorators and plasterers on 07534 987355. We can transform your cottage with creative home refurbishments.