Damp Proofing in Bakewell, Ashbourne and the Neighbouring Areas

Over time, your home can begin to suffer from damp conditions. Unfortunately, dampness can be tricky to diagnose without professional care, making structural issues more likely. At M J Bassett Ltd, we can spot the early signs of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation, before giving your home a reliable solution that prevents further damage. With more than 30 years in the business, our building contractors can advise on the best damp proofing treatments for your home in Ashbourne, Bakewell or the surrounding areas.

We want you to enjoy your home for as long as possible. For this reason, we carry out the preventative measures needed to ensure your property stays protected. Our team makes damp proof treatments as affordable as possible for moisture-free environments that won’t cost you the earth. We can damp proof home extensions, outbuildings or your treasured home. Simply get in touch with us in Sheen to arrange a survey and free estimate.

Damp Proofing | Protecting Your Home at an Honest Price

Our experience with plasters, renders and various other treatments mean we’re well-versed in every type of damp. We inspect your property to get to the heart of the issue. From there, we will supply you with a price, explaining the nature of the damage and our plans to resolve it. This transparent approach towards damp proofing gives customers the peace of mind they rightly deserve.

The Signs of Troublesome Damp

Damp can affect the walls and floors and even compromise the home’s structural integrity. While a single patch of dampness may seem like a minor problem, it could indicate a more significant issue and cause further expense if left ignored. You may notice a patch that begins at the base of the home and grows upwards. You might also spot trouble with the paint or wallpaper, experience rotted skirting boards or see a powdery substance on the wall. In addition, damp can lead to a musty smell inside the home and cause surface discolouration.

If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional with experience in damp proofing. As plasterers, building contractors time-served specialists, we can diagnose the problem for you without delay.

What Are the Causes of Damp?

Rising damp occurs when moisture in the ground begins to rise up into the property. Water moves up through the brickwork and starts to ruin joists and floorboards before reaching the visible surfaces. Older homes in Ashbourne, Bakewell or the surrounding areas may not feature any kind of damp proofing, making a water-related issue far more likely. Penetrating damp happens because of faulty or ageing masonry, brickwork and pointing. This can result in mould, tidemarks and blistering in the plaster.

With a deep knowledge of modern renders and plasters, as well as a reputation as a local building contractor, M J Bassett Ltd will provide the ideal damp proofing system for your home. Our team performs a tailored service and can resolve any structural weaknesses present.

For damp proofing treatments in Ashbourne, Bakewell and the neighbouring areas, please get in touch on 07534 987355.