Home Refurbishments in Ashbourne, Bakewell and the Surrounding Areas

Has your property started to look more than just a little outdated? What was once the height of style can begin to degrade, leaving your property looking old, shabby and in need of professional care. At M J Bassett Ltd, we can provide you with an affordable solution. Our building contractors perform home refurbishments throughout Ashbourne, Bakewell and beyond – turning the old and rundown into welcoming spaces. We consider the style of your home too, ensuring it retains its original charm while improving conditions.

Home refurbishments can range from single-room projects to house-wide alterations. We have the skills to refurbish any part of the home in line with your design ambitions, and can modernise the entire property in a way that either meets or exceeds your expectations.

We can transform:

  • Single rooms such as living and dining spaces
  • Outdated kitchens and bathrooms
  • Existing bedrooms in need of a new style
  • Small cottages, farmhouses and modern builds
  • Neglected areas like garages and outbuildings
  • The entire house using high-quality materials

You can rely on our building contractors to treat your home with respect during each phase of the refurbishment. As members of the FMB, we supply the finest materials along with their product warranties for true peace of mind.

Home Refurbishments | Restoring the Look of Your Treasured Property

Refurbishing the home can feel like work, especially when having to deal with multiple companies. M J Bassett Ltd provides most trades under one roof, minimising the fuss accordingly. We carry out plumbing works for the kitchen and bathroom, can re-plaster the space as needed and source traditional materials for rural properties in the local area.

Why Should You Refurbish?

Refurbishing gives your home a new lease of life. It allows you to focus on a particular room or set of rooms, replace any outdated installations, and remove any garish features you no longer want. In addition, the refurbishment process makes the space far more vibrant, so you can be proud to show your home off to friends and family. You could transform the house with a new layout at the same time, with refurbishments and renovations from the local regions’ time-served building contractors.

Home refurbishments can also add to the property’s overall value. Our work will make your house in Ashbourne, Bakewell or the neighbouring areas a more attractive option, or if you wish to stay put in the coming decades, keep it in excellent condition long into the future.

A Full Refurbishment Service

Here at M J Bassett Ltd, we take pride in giving you as comprehensive a service as possible. Whether you’re the owner of a rural cottage or live in a built-up area, we cater to the broad spectrum of home refurbishments and provide renovation work for the necessary structural changes. Our team takes on all kinds of decorative work, achieving a stunning finish for property owners on a modest budget.

Visit our testimonials to find out why local homeowners often recommend our services and then speak to a member of the team for a free estimate.

For home refurbishments in Ashbourne, Bakewell and the surrounding areas from a team of talented building contractors, simply dial 07534 987355.